Laser or L’Oréal

Client: L’Oréal

An award-winning before and after product demonstration.


L’Oréal Revitalift is Australia’s leading anti-aging product range. However, in a time where Australia had actually overtaken America (per capita) as a world leader in cosmetic procedure spend, the brand had a major issue.

The truth is that our biggest competitor wasn’t in the beauty category at all. It was the cosmetic procedure market, which had quickly become a $300m business in Australia.


Laser or L’Oréal was a world-first product comparison, proving that it’s possible to get the same results as cosmetic procedures without the expense and pain.

Showing Revitalift’s effectiveness in an honest and authentic way, broke through a frustration that had been felt after years of confusing cosmetic industry claims. This was the ultimate ‘before and after’ product test and the real-life results spoke for themselves, also seeing the campaign awarded at the APAC Effies and McCann Australia named APAC Agency of the Year.

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