Hungry Dogg’s Gotta Eat

Client: Menulog

Did somebody say Snoop Dogg?


When your brand embodies the spirit of living with no regrets, and unapologetically giving into your cravings, always – what music icon could Menulog possibly enlist to represent this philosophy as a brand ambassador? Did somebody say Snoop Dogg? Fo shizzle.


This is a perfect storm for how to turn one of the world’s self-confessed “lamest jingles” into a hip and happening rap track courtesy of Snoop – spawning the adoration not only of over 14 million Tik Tokkers, but also pretty much everyone who heard it.

Snoop’s iconic image has helped feed the minds of a nation across TV, outdoor, social, digital, radio – ensuring that Menulog’s catchy lyrics are now instantly stuck on repeat in people’s heads. And even enshrined in a thousand Tik Toks thanks to McCann Australia’s megahit Menulog #Deliverydance Challenge.

Thank you, my man.

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