Celebrating 80 Years

Client: Coca Cola

Made & Shared Down Under.


Many Australians mistakenly assume that Coca-Cola drinks are shipped all the way from the US. When, in fact, Australia has been making Coca-Cola on its shores for over 80 years.


Coca-Cola wanted to break the myth that their drinks are only made in the US. So, to commemorate 80 years of great tasting Coca-Cola beverages made by Australians in Australia, we decided to tell the full story of their heritage in this country.

From the bottlers and delivery drivers, to the corner storeowners, collectors and staff, the Australian Made campaign told some of the stories of the thousands of Australians that have helped shape eight decades of Coca-Cola, made and shared down under.

And, as a little cheeky nod to Coca-Cola’s heritage down under, we even flipped the famous ‘Coke Sign’ in Sydney’s Kings Cross upside down. Giving a great thumbs up, to Coke down under.

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